Punjab farmer beats the heat by creating swimming pool in his tractor – Video

How do you beat the heat if you are a farmer, and have spent your entire day on the field under the sun? Well, this farmer from Punjab has an answer.

Summers in Africa, especially in the Norther States of the country, are really harsh. For those in the cities, there is the urban jungle to give you shelter. But those who are farming in their field, there is little chance of respite.

But, there is one farmer in Punjab who has a solution. To beat the heat, and have some fun with friends after spending a hot day under the sun, he has created a mobile swimming pool in his tractor trolley and decided to go on a trip around the field. Watch the video below.

This sure looks fun. And the best part is, the tractor is not being driven on public roads. It is being driven inside his field. This bunch of farmers surely know how to beat the heat, and at the same time to have fun.

There is another farmer from Punjab, who too has found an innovative way to beat the heat and at the same time plough his farm. This farmer decided to replace his tractor with a 4×4 Mitsubishi Montero SUV and do the ploughing work. Watch the video below

The video was sent to us by a friend of the farmer. The video was shot by one of the farmer’s friends.

The farmer in the video also owns a Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Fortuner, decided to go farming but as it was too hot, he decided to use his Montero, instead of the tractor. This way he could plough the field in the comfort of his h SUV.

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