Overspeeding in an overloaded Mahindra Xylo – Four students lose life

Survivor reveals that the SUV was travelling at a speed of 100 kmph at the time of the crash.

Repeated requests to their college friend, who was also the driver of the Mahindra Xylo, to drive slowly, fell on deaf ears. This resulted in a crash, in which 4 students from Galgotias University were killed the other occupants injured and in sever state of shock.

The deceased are identified as Salman, 22, Tushar, 22, Ayush 19, and Balram, 20. The injured are Vaishali, Saumya, Simran, Sharif, Prerna and Jayesh. Vaishali and Saumya are battling for their lives at the intensive care unit of Kailash Hospital in Greater Noida. They have suffered serious head injuries.

The Xylo that Tushar was driving can legally accommodate 8, but was packed with 10 students. They were all out for the day and planned a movie in the afternoon as they had all skipped classes. All 10 were from the same college.

Tushar, 22, was at the wheel and was started driving fast, right from the time they left the university. The Xylo was packed and even as Sharif Ahmed, one of the occupants, asked Tushar to slow down, he refused. Tushar started overtaking another vehicle on a narrow road. Two of his car’s wheels went off the road, which resulted in a tyre burst. Tushar lost control over the vehicle after it hit a road divider, toppled twice, throwing most of the passenger out of the windows. None of them were wearing seat belt.

While Sharif lost consciousness momentarily, he soon recovered to find two friends Salman and Balram dead with a sharp metal piece having pierced their skull. Jayesh, another passenger in the Xylo survived the crash and was taken to the hospital from where he was discharged after being administered first aid.

He cannot recount what happened and even who was sitting next to him in the SUV. He does not know how he survived but remembers hurting his nose. He has also got injuries on both his hands. Ayush Jain, another student died in the crash. He was sitting in the front seat and his parents were informed of the accident by his sister who also studies at the same university. The students had all enrolled in the university just three months ago.

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