New concept sedan offers glimpse into the future of Hyundai car design

Hyundai Le Fil Rouge is a technology filled concept built on Hyundai's new Light Architecture.

Hyundai has showcased the new Le Fil Rouge concept car, offering a glimpse of their future design language on which it is based. On board technologies include a two way air ventilation system, panoramic floating display with haptic feedback and an introduction to the brand’s Sensuous Sportiness theme.

Le Fil Rouge which translates as Common Thread shows off how the company past, present and future designs are all connected. It is on the basis of this theme that all future Hyundai vehicles will be based, be it sedans or SUVs.

On board design elements include a mathematical ratio which has been achieved via a long wheelbase design and large wheels along with short overhangs. Its dash to axle distance is enhanced thereby offering a better driving and a high belt like offers better aesthetic appeal.

Exterior features also can be noted by the way in which front and rear pillars and roof blend into the silhouette adding some more visual enhancements.

Hyundai Le Fil Rouge is seen with ‘Tube Architecture’. The cabin is well done up with driver and passenger comforts in mind. There is more interior space for added head and leg room, an ergonomically designed driver seat.

The concept also sports Hyundai’s Intelligent Personal Cockpit which operates both on voice control with connect devices allowing for voice interaction which Hyundai states can also be used to remotely activate loT devices at home and control these appliances while out of the house while speaking to the car’s dashboard.

Though unlikely that the Hyundai Le Fil Rouge concept will ever reach production, it is an indication of what one can expect to see in the Hyundai future lineup.

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