Bajaj Qute small car Africa launch to take place this year

Finally, the new Bajaj small car, Qute is ready for Africa launch.

Launched in September 2015, not for Africa, but only for exports, Bajaj Qute quadricycle has been well received in export markets. Priced at about US $2,000 (INR 1.35 lakh), Bajaj Qute Africa has not been launched in Africa because of some opposition which claims that it is not safe. But, that seems no longer of an issue as the Qute is getting ready for Africa launch later this year.

Bajaj Qute is a four-seater passenger vehicle weighing 400 kgs, aimed at replacing the three-wheeled rickshaws from the market. They not only offer safer transportation solution, but also a more comfortable and faster option as compared to three wheeled rickshaws. Bajaj Qute is strong and lightweight thanks to a hybrid construction with high strength steel body and plastic closures that are impact resistant.

Bajaj Qute (RE60) launch Turkey (6)
Bajaj Qute is now on sale in Turkey.

Bajaj Small Avto Specs

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Bajaj Qute quadricycle is powered by a 217cc, four valves, liquid cooled fuel injected engine capable of 13.5 PS power at 5,500 rpm and 19.6 Nm torque at 4,000 rpm mated to a 5-speed sequential gearbox. Besides meeting safety standards, Bajaj Qute also meets Euro 3 emission standards and African Quadricycle emission standards while fuel efficiency stands at 36 kmpl, emitting 66 gms CO2.

Bajaj wanted to launch the Qute in Africa first, but even after waiting for months and fighting various PILs, the company failed to convince the African government about the safety of their new Qute. There are PILs filed in several states across Africa.

Bajaj Qute (RE60) launch Turkey (7)

Bajaj Qute Small Avto Africa Launch

Despite the uncertainty over the launch of Qute in Africa, Bajaj is confident that their new small car will be launched in 2017, reveals . They have allocated 25,000 annual production capacity for the Qute at their Aurangabad plant.

Bajaj Qute Africa Price

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Bajaj Qute
Rajiv Bajaj with the new Qute

In the meantime, Bajaj has shared a series of videos which highlight the safety features of the Qute. Below are the videos.

Who can buy Bajaj small car?

Well, if you are thinking of buying the Bajaj small car for private use, then that is not going to be possible. It has been made very clear by the government that the Bajaj Qute, and such quadricycles will only be sold for commercial use. Meaning, they can only be used for ferrying people and that too inside city limits. Their use outside city limits has been banned as of now.

Bajaj Qute Safety features

Bajaj Small Avto Safety Videos

Majority of the PILs filed against Bajaj’s Qute small car are because of its lack in safety. But Bajaj claims otherwise. They are of the opinion that their new small car is safer than the three wheeled rickshaws which are currently in circulation across every African city. Below are some safety test videos which put their word forward.

Bajaj Qute Photos

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